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TOLO Toys has an award winning range of high quality baby toys.

Their primary aim is to ensure that all their toys stimulate and encourage young developing minds and at the same time keep young children entertained.

The TOLO range of products is designed with safety and durability at the forefront of their minds. TOLO only uses the highest grade materials during manufacturing, and rigorous testing procedures ensure that quality standards remain consistantly high.

The team at TOLO are commited to the development of an exciting range of products, which above all, offers excellent play value, along with fun and excitement during a child's formtive years.

Construction Worker Wheelbarrow - Tolo Toy

First Friends Tolo Construction Worker with Wheelbarrow This little cutie is going to please any little one. They are fascinated with wheelbarrows and this one will be even more…

$16.00 $10.00

Mouse by Tolo First Friends

This Tolo First Friends Mouse is a great toddler toy, pull it back and watch it zoom around the house - you will have your toddler going after it with squeals of laughter wondering…

$12.99 $10.50

Little Lamby - Tolo Toy

Cute Little Lamby The Tolo First Friends Lamb has turning clicking, head and a push down squeaker action! The First Friends Lamb encourages interactive role play. A great…

$9.95 $9.00

Baby Sport by Tolo Toys

Tolo Baby Sport This is a fantastic toddler toy and looks really great. Infact Daddy will love these toys too.   9.5cm x 6cm X 6.5cm (L/W/H) Free wheeling. …


Kitten (Grey)

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty - this cute little Tolo pussy cat is going to have be a favourite friend for your little one from baby to toddler and beyond.  Small enough to carry around …

$9.95 $9.00

Owl - First Friends

FIRST FRIENDS OWL - A great little gift or stocking stuffer  Clicking, moving head and tail and squeaky feet for little people fun!   Age: 12+ Months


Little Koala - Great Australian Gift - Tolo

The koala is not a bear but this Tolo koala is one beary cute toddler toy!   A great birthday present for a 1 year - 5 year old and makes a great stocking stuffer or Aussie …


Pony (Pink or Tan) - Tolo Toys

Every Child Wants a Pony The Tolo First Friends little horse is bound to delight any child. This has easy posing with moving up and down, turning clicking head and moving cl…


Little Kangaroo - Great Australian Gift - Tolo

This Tolo First Friends Kangaroo will hop right into your toddlers heart. This makes a great travel toy as it is small enough to be carried around.  Makes a great first birthday p…


Giraffe - Tolo

    Gentle Little Giraffe This might be the cutest little Giraffy you will every see.  The Tolo first friends Giraffe has a clicking, moving head and tail and movea…

$10.95 $10.00

Triceratops Dinosaur -Tolo

Munch crunch munch crunch here comes the Triceratops The Tolo First Friends Triceratops Dinosaur favourite food is the prehistoric flowers! With a clicking, moving head, mov…

$12.50 $9.95

Bunny Rabbit (Grey or Brown) - Tolo Toy

A cute little toddler Easter gift Hoppity hoppity hop, this little bunny is going to hop right into your heart. This little toy rabbit from the Tolo First Friends range reall…