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Meal Time

Meal Time

We try to make meal times a real family event at our house.  Somes though with little ones meals can be a bit of an adventure so we have gathered some of our favourtie meal time products to help make things go just a little bit smoother and make meal times the event it should be.  We have a growing selection of fun products including plane spoons and train spoons.

Check out our Bibs for Little Grubs category for our full range of bibs - we have standard bibs, long sleeve bibs, bandana bibs, kerchief bibs, dribble bibs, aprons and special occasion bibs

Long Sleeve Wonder Bib By Mum2Mum 6-18mths

Long Sleeve Bibs keep Bub clean Long sleeve bibs are so good at keeping bub clean.  At Not Another Baby Shop we love…


Oogaa Silicone Tugboat Spoon - Green Blue or Pink

These great little tugboat spoons are a great size for feeding bubs and will do them well into childhood as they are gre…


Bambozoo Dinnerwear Set Koala

Ever so cute koala dinnerset. An awesome Australiana themed toddler gift. Make mealtime fun for little ones with this…


Mud Pie Christmas Santa Smock/Apron - I Believe

Christmas Apron For Toddlers  & Little Kids Easy-to-clean laminated Christmas craft, paint or cooking smock / apron …

$19.50 $15.00

Fridge-to-go Single Bottle Tote - keep cool for 4 hours

Ohhh these bags are amazing. They  keep baby bottles or single drink bottles cool for up to  4 hours.   Fridge-To…

$17.95 $17.00

Oogaa Silicone Train Spoon - Blue

Chugga chugga chugga choo-choo these spoons are fun for all ages, babies love the feel and the noises that mummy and dad…

$8.95 $6.50

Oogaa Silicone Train Spoon - Green

These are truely great baby spoons good fun for big kids too! Oogaa silicone train spoon Choo-choo train delivers …

$8.95 $6.50

Oogaa Silicone Plane Spoon - Green

Oogaa Silicone Aeroplane Spoon Zoom-zoom Aeroplanes deliver the peas and carrots right where you want them.  Ergonom…

$8.95 $6.50

Oogaa Silicone Plane Spoon - Pink

Oogaa Silicone Aeroplane Spoon Zoom-zoom Aeroplanes deliver the peas and carrots right where you want them.  Ergonom…

$8.95 $6.50

Fridge-to-go Medium Cooler bag Lunch Box Esky - keep cool for 8 hours (only Pink left)

These are the absolute best lunch boxes /lunch bags /cooler bags . They keep your lunch, drinks and baby bottles cool up…


Grubby Bubby High Chair Cover -Apple

The Grubby Bubby® High Chair Cover is a fully removable and machine washable cover for your high chair. It provides a…


Fridge-to-go Medium Replacement /Spare Panel

A replacement panel for the wonderful Medium  Fridge to Go Cooler Bags 8 Hours of Cool - Fantastic to have one in th…