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Playmats, Rugs and Blankets

Playmats, Rugs and Blankets

Baby Blankets, Pram Blankets, Baby Rugs and Baby Playmats make  lovely baby gifts. They always come in handy to take the the park, put on the floor at a friends house, keep bub warm in the pram or simply be a beautiful accessory for babies cot or feeding chair.  Gorgeous baby blankets are a treasured present and  more often than not get passed down to the next generation.

Mister Fly - Koala Swaddle

Beautiful large muslin for swaddling. Lovely and soft, this would make a lovely Australian baby gift. It has sweet little Aussie koalas all over it and you can't get much more …


Mister Fly Koala Everything Blanket

Yes this koala blanket is everything. With its gorgeous koala face this blanket is useful for in the cot, as a playmat for tummy time, as a stroller blanket. Size: 1m x 1m  …


Zebi Baby Violet Giraffe Organic Stroller Blanket

  This is a delightful 100% organic cotton stroller blanket it makes a gorgeous baby gift. It is a lovely vibrant deep violet with gorgeous giraffe pattern.     It i…


English Tea Set Babychic Bamboo Velour Pram Blanket

Super soft and very lovely, Tea Party Set Babychic Pram Blanket made of bamboo velour will keep your little one snuggly and warm all year round.  Bamboo has exceptional breath a…


O.B. Designs Rainbow Ripple Crochet Baby Blanket

Oh my gosh this hand crochet baby blanket is incredible. The gorgeous rainbow colours make a stunning statement piece in baby's room or as a blanket for mum or dad while they ar…


O.B. Designs Blue Ripple Crochet Baby Blanket

This sky blue crochect ripple blanket from O.B Designs is something special. A truely gorgeous and unique baby gift. 1m x 1 m 60% cotton, 30% Azlon (Milk Fiber), 10% cashmer…


O.B. Designs Round Crochet Baby Blanket/Rug - Natural

This Round OB Designs Rug is a rare little find in the back of our warehouse. These are no longer available.  Once they are gone they are gone.  Round hand crochet 120cm …

$149.95 $99.95

O.B. Designs Round Crochet Baby Blanket/Rug - Rainbow

Oh this baby rug is something stunning. It can be used as a blanket, rug, bed cover or table cloth or anything you can imagine Its bright colours are amazing. These are a …

$149.95 $119.95

Love Henry Emma Picnic Rug

This  Love Henry is so pretty it will be envied. Waterproof backing  Folds to carry with handle 1m x 1m 100% cotton (facing). 100% polyester (backside). Cold Machi…


Love Henry Benjamin Picnic Rug



O.B. Designs Pink Galah Ripple Crochet Baby Blanket

This Grogeous Ripple Crochet Baby Blanket by O.B. Designs is something special It is hand crocheted with gorgeous white pinks and purples, 1m x 1m made of 60% cotton, 30% Azlon …


Zebi Baby Blue Elephant Organic Swaddle Blanket

You can't go wrong with elephant designs for a baby gift and this Zebi Baby elephant swaddling cloth is particularly stunning.  It measures a large 47" by 47", is 100% organic cot…

$34.95 $30.00