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Sleep.... glorious sleep. I think it is the most discussed parent conversation.

Sleep for babies and parents is precious and you want to make sure that your babies or toddlers sleepwear does not hinder that in anyway.

Anything that is about a baby sleeping is a great gift for a new parent.

OB Designs Beck Bunny Comforter - White

Beck Bunny from O.B. Designs is a lovely baby comforter. Comes with a removable baby hook to hang beck to your pram o…


Dingaring Duke Dog Musical Mate

Duke the dog loves to sing your baby to sleep With his sweet Brahms Lullaby Duke lulls your little bub off to the lan…


Elephant Comforter Baby Blankie

Eric Carle Elephant Blankie Gorgeous bright colours like you would expect from an Eric Carle design this gorgeous ele…


Poky Little Puppy Baby Comforter

Little Golden Books Poky Little Puppy Baby Comforter - a great baby gift My how I loved that Poky Little Puppy and he…


Shy Little Kitten Baby Comforter

Looking for a sweet baby comforter than Shy little Kitten is for you Little Golden Books Shy Little Kitten makes a go…


Saggy Baggy Elephant Comforter Baby Blanket

Saggy Baggy Elephant Baby Comforter is a classic baby gift. Saggy Baggy Elephant brings back so many wonderful childh…


Kangaroo Blankie - Baby Comforter

Kangaroo Baby Comforter Kangaroos are so cute. They are hard to resist.  This lovely and soft velour baby comfor…


OB Designs Kate Koala Comforter

Sweet and Cuddly litle Pink Koala Baby Comforter - Australian Baby Gift This is the very sweet and very cud…


Kelly Koala Baby Comforter Grey

Kelly the Koala is a sweet grey Koala Baby Comforter.  He is super plush and will keep your little one feeling c…


Moonbeam Koala Blankie Bear Baby Comforter - Limited Edition

Sweet and Cuddly litle Koala Blankie Bear Comforter - Last ones Left This is the very sweet and very cuddly Moonbeam …


OB Designs Percie Panda Blankie - Baby Comforter - Retired Last Ones Left

Panda's always make me smile and this cute baby comforter makes me want to snuggle it. Percy Panda from OB Design…