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Play make-up, nail polish and hair colour

Play make-up, nail polish and hair colour

Little kids love to be creative and they love to dress up  and some little kids love nothing more than to dress up in Mummy's stuff.  Not Another Baby Shop stocks a fun creative range of kids nail polishes, play make up, face paint and wash out hair colour that has been designed just for kids so they can bring their imagination alive, have fun be creative in a safe way, with their own stuff...and stay out of Mummy's.

Our girls are tickled pink when our one of our sets come out, it is always so much fun.

Not Another Baby's Shop range of play make up, kiddie nail polish, natural face paint and wash out hair colour make a fabulous gift and you will certainly become a favourite for having given such a fun item.

Natural Hair Colour - Pure Poppet

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Natural Face Paint Packs - Pure Poppet

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Metallic Hair Chalk Pens

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