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Baby Size Guide

Australian Baby Size Guide | Baby Clothes Online

Sizes around the world differ for baby clothes. Even more frustrating different brands have different sizing. Here is a general size guide for Australian Baby Clothes.   It is general only and not all brands will use this size guide.

Please note the ages are indicative only and will depend on your bub as all babies grow at different rates.  You may also find that depend on where your baby carries its weight brands might fit longer than others but this is a good place to start.  Particularly if you are buying something for a baby shower present or  buying new baby gift online.


Australian Baby Clothing Size Guide

0000  - fits up to 4kg, 56cm, ages newborn to 1 - 2 months

000 fits up to 6kg, 62cm, ages up to 3 (often 3-4 months)

00 - to fit 8kg, 68, ages 3-6 months

0 to fit 10kg 76cm, ages 6-12 months

1 to fit 12kg, 84cm,  ages 1 - 2years


If in doubt please ask as brands will differ.


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