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Pretend Play

Pretend Play

Carpenter Set

Wooden Tool Box Toy - Carpenter Set. My girls had one of these sets when they were little and I am so glad that they are finally being made again.  They make such a great gift.…

$68.50 $54.50

My First Purse Play Set (5 pieces)

My 1st Purse Play Set Ohhh this is the ulitmate gift for a little miss or mister. How cool will they be!  This cute little set includes credit cards, keys that crinkle, a …


Plush Puppy Purse

Sweet little puppy dog purses for little ones to keep the precious things they find.   A cute gift for preschool /school friends, secret santa or as a stocking stuffer.  Thi…

$9.00 $7.95

Koala Finger Puppet

Cute Aussie Toddler Toy - Koala Finger Puppet. Suitable for little fingers through to big fingers.  Body is stuffed to give it a more realistic shape.  Made from premium quali…


Mixing Bowl Kitchen Cooking Set - Fabric - Fair Trade Product

This Cooking Mixing Bowl set is made from 100% natural hand woven cotton. 7 pieces includes mixing bowl measuring jug whisk spoon frying spatula icing spatula ro…

$49.00 $35.00

My Magnetic Notebook 3 in 1

Awesome pretend toy laptop and phone Its no wonder this toy has been nominated for awards, it is awesome.  Little kids love pretend play and this wooden notebook is awesome.  …


Fair Trade Fabric Vegetable Basket

FABRIC VEGETABLE BASKET by Artiwood Made from 100% natural hand woven cotton and includes: cabbage, cauliflower, potato, turnip, onion, 3 beans, carrot, tomato and vegetable…

$44.00 $35.00

Delightful Floral Tin Tea Set

Delightful Floral Tin Tea Set This gorgeous little floral toy tea set is just perfect for the littlest Miss. It is has 16 pieces and is packed in a bright, beautiful printed ca…

$45.50 $38.00

Create your own Pocket Bread

Your little chef will have the best time assembling this pretend food pocket bread.  It has a great variety of food so your little one will be able to come up with many different …


Create your own Sandwich

Little kids and toddlers love to play with pretend food. This sandwich is so much fun as not only do they get to serve up something they are familiar with they also get to put it t…


Fabric Cupcake Set

Does your little one love to play kitchens?... and I bet they love cake... or at least playing with cake.  This little fabric cupcake set is delightful for toddlers and kids role …

$39.00 $30.00

Stove Top, Cooking Set and Food

  Fantastic Stove Top, Cooking Set and Food for your little "Master Chef"       This is the most complete set I have seen- I love it, because it is cloth it…

$89.00 $60.00