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Bumps, Scrapes and Bruises

Bumps, Scrapes and Bruises

Cold Packs and Character Bandaids.

We have found there are a couple of essential first aid products for babies and toddlers that are great for minor cuts, bruises and scrapes.  Fun cold packs and character bandaids can be like magic in taking the tears away.


please note: information contained on the Not Another Baby Shop website is not medical advice- please see your doctor.

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Fridge-To-Go Cool Pad

Small children and babies are particularly susceptible to fever, and while medicines are working their magic,  Cool…

$19.95 $17.00

Boo Boo Buddy Cold Pack (various designs)

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$9.95 $8.00

Giggle and Hoot Plasters/Bandaids

Bright and Fun Giggle and Hoot Bandaids No more tears with scrapes and cuts with these fantastic Giggle and Hoot plas…

$4.95 $3.95