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Toddler and Kids Shoes

Toddler and Kids Shoes

We are a bit toddler shoes and kid shoes crazy at Not Another Baby Shop

We love our children to have great shoes.  We have been through a lot of toddler shoes and kids shoes to find the brands that we think are best for growing feet that like to run, jump, play and still come out looking good.

Take a look at our great range of boys shoes including sneakers, boots and sandals and gorgeous girls shoes like Mary Janes, sandals, sneakers and toddler boots.

When our kids transition out of their soft sole baby shoes we think it is still important for the to have great shoes for their growing feet.

If you are looking for  toddler soft sole shoes  click here.

Styl-Us Commando Shoes (size 9-12)

Awesome Camo Print Features * Adjustable Velcro Closure – For a great fit & easy for children to put on by themselves * Padded Collar - For extra heel comfort * Reinforce…

$39.95 $25.00

SKEANIE Riding Boots - Chocolate (only size 27 left)

Every little person we have ever seen wearing these little Skeanie riding boots looks fantastic.  They are great for wearing casually or a more dressed up look.   SKEANIE…

$59.95 $50.00

SKEANIE Riding Boots - Junior - Red

  SKEANIE Riding Boots -Red are hand made from a gorgeous leather and have a flexible rubber sole.  The elasticised ankle means a snug fit with room for growth! Perfect for yo…

$49.95 $42.00

Shoezooz - Jungle

Shoezooz are a great gift idea for toddlers.  These educational shoe stickers help little ones to learn their left from their right and always get their shoes on the right feet. …


Shoezooz - Sea

Shoezooz making putting shoes on the right feet easy. Shoezooz are the type of thing that after you buy them you think now why didn't I get these before, they make putting shoes…


Shoezooz Shoe Stickers - Farm

Does your child know their left from their right? Chances are they do not so putting on shoes can be a chore Shoezooz educational shoe stickers help by making it simple to know …


SKEANIE Snug - Junior - Pink

  Uggs but not Uggs. These are great looking Skeanie toddler shoes - every little miss is going to be wanting a pair. Lovely and warm like ugg boots but made for walking and ev…

$59.95 $50.00

SKEANIE Loafers - Junior - Pink (Original Sizing)

    SKEANIE Loafers are a member of the Junior Range and are what is called the "Transition Shoe"; that is they take little feet from soft soles and beyond!  The fle…

$49.95 $40.00

Duukies Beach Socks - Bastie (Blue Stars)

Awesome Blue Star Beach shoes (Aqua Reef shoe) for Toddlers and Kids. Keep your little ones feets safe on the burning hot sand, rocks and water and protect from jellyfish. Ma…


Duukies Beach Socks - Max (Blue Red)

Duukies Beachsocks (Reef aqua shoe)  are the ideal replacement for the old-fashioned water shoes. They offer perfect protection against hot sand, sun burning, sharp shells and st…


Duukies Beach Socks - Willem (Grey and Pink)

Duukies Beachsocks (Aqua Reef kids shoe) .They are the ideal replacement for the old-fashioned water shoes. They offer perfect protection against jelly fish, hot sand, sun burning…


Duukies Beach Socks - Juul (Pink Stars)

Duukies Beachsocks are the ideal replacement for the old-fashioned swim and water shoes. They offer perfect protection against hot sand, Jelly fish & other sea creatures, sharp she…