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SKEANIE Sunday Sandals- Soft Sole Baby Shoes - Navy (only small left)

SKEANIE Sunday Sandals- Soft Sole Baby Shoes - Navy (only small left)

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Product Information
These gorgeous SKEANIE leather soft soled baby shoes and so handsome for a little man and stunning and versatile for a little girl.

They arehand made from buttery soft eco-leather. They feature a soft suede sole, as recommended by the experts. The padded collar keeps the shoes fitted snugly around the ankle and the textured suede sole provides superior grip when crawling or walking.

These Skeanie Soft Sole Baby Shoes are perfect for little feet and especially cute on baby or toddler boys or teamed with a navy dress on a baby girl.

SKEANIE is a Preferred Provider of The Australian Podiatry Association (NSW). At birth, feet are mostly cartilage. It is during childhood that the bones in the feet form; during this time the feet are fragile and any undue pressure is not advised. Soft soles are a must for pre-walkers and early walkers.

All SKEANIE Shoes are designed in Australia and are Fair Trade Made.

Please check the  Sizing Guide to ensure you purchase the correct size.

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