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Teaching Kids to Put their Shoes on the right feet.

Do you kids always put their shoes on the wrong feet?

Kids have a 50/50 chance of putting their shoes on the right feet but if they are anything like my girls they will get it wrong 90% off the time, that is until we got Shoezooz.  Shoezooz are education shoe stickers for kids that help them put their shoes on the right feet.  They line the picture up together and then put them on their feet as layed out... no more shoes on the wrong feet.


shooezooz- education shoe stickers for kids - toddler gift idea - not another baby shop

Each pack of Shoezooz comes with 3 pairs in a packet in 3 great designs - Farm, Sea and Jungle. Fantastic for toddler shoes.

Shoezooz - Jungle

Shoezooz are a great gift idea for toddlers.  These educational shoe stickers help little ones to learn their left from their right and always get their shoes on the right feet. …


Shoezooz - Sea

Shoezooz making putting shoes on the right feet easy. Shoezooz are the type of thing that after you buy them you think now why didn't I get these before, they make putting shoes…


Shoezooz Shoe Stickers - Farm

Does your child know their left from their right? Chances are they do not so putting on shoes can be a chore Shoezooz educational shoe stickers help by making it simple to know …