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Product Code PITMAECH65
Manufacturer Pitter Patter
Condition New
Weight 0.3Kg

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy


These baby ballet shoes are the most delightful little pink soft soled shoes.  They are gorgeously soft and allow tiny feet to breathe and flex naturally, while enabling toes and muscles in your baby’s feet to feel the ground.


  1. Made from genuine cow leather to provide maximum flexibility, protection and mould to babies feet.
  2. Soft soles to allow feet to breathe and flex naturally
  3. Suede leather in-soles with slight padding for added comfort
  4. Thin elasticised band to hold shoe securely in place
  5. Each pitter patter is packaged in a beautiful hard suitcase box that will make a lovely keepsake to remind you of how tiny your child's feet once were.


Each Pitter Patter comes beautifully packaged in a hard suitcase box which will be a great keepsake to remind you of how tiny your precious child's feet once were.