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O.B. Designs

O.B. Designs

Lovely Baby Comforters, Teethers, Music Toys and Big Softies

O.B. Designs is a gorgeous range of baby toys including lovely little baby comforters, big soft toys, teething rings and rattles and baby music chimes. 

There are some perfect little Australian Characters for an Australian baby gift.

Frank Fox Dingaring Teething Toy Rattle

Frank the Fox Dingaring Teething Toy From OB Designs is a fearless little felllow.  He is willing to be shaken grabb…


Moe Mouse Dingaring Teething Toy Rattle

Sweet and cute this little Moe Mouse has a gorgeous little natural wooden teething ring and gentrle rattle. It makes a p…


Duke Dog Dingaring Teething Toy Rattle

This Duke Dog DINGaRING is so much fun.  It makes a funky baby gift and will be loved by adults and babies for its uniq…


Sheryl Sheep Dingaring Teething Toy Rattle

Sheryl the Sheep makes a darling baby gift. O.B. Design's Sheryl Sheep is a soft and cute little rattle that sits on …


Bonnie Bunny Dingaring Teething Toy Rattle

Fantastic Baby Easter Gift Bonnie Bunny Rabbit makes a delightful Easter Present for baby instead of the standard cho…


Kevin Koala Dingaring Teething Toy Rattle -Brown

Fair dinkum this is about as cute a koala as you can get.  A fabulous Australian baby gift.  Babies and Adults will lo…


Dingaring Moe Mouse Musical Mate

This little sleepy mouse love to snuggle up to Brahms Lullaby and sleep away the night. He is the perfect little compani…


Gigi Galah Dingaring Teething Toy Rattle

This little Galah is a very Australian gift.  Funny, naughty and just a little bit shy - we love our Galahs in Aust…


Dingaring Duke Dog Musical Mate

Duke the dog loves to sing your baby to sleep With his sweet Brahms Lullaby Duke lulls your little bub off to the lan…


RETIRED Betsy the Pink Bunny Dingaring Teething Toy Rattle

This little Betsy Bunny would make a great Easter gift for baby. This little pink rabbit is great as an alternative t…


Kate Koala Dingaring Teething Toy Rattle

Dingaring = PLUSH TEETHING RATTLES Average toy size: 15 x 10 cm Plush super soft bod…


OB Designs Daryl Dog Blankie - Baby Comforter - Retired Last Ones Left

Daryl Dog is such a lovely baby comforter. This baby blankie makes the sweetest little gift. He is lovely to cuddle a…