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Nova Harley

Nova Harley

Luxury Nappy Bags that work for you long after you are done with baby bags.  All our Nova Harley bags are on sale now.

Nova Harley - Melbourne Pink Leather Nappy Bag

Lovely Nova Harley Leather Nappy Bag on Sale This Nova Harley stunning soft leather nappy bag is all about glamo…

$489.00 $250.00

Nova Harley - Athens Nappy Bag - Black with Greek Blue Patch

Nova Harley Baby Nappy Bag Sale This Nova Harley black faux leather nappy bag doesn't look like a nappy bag and a…

$265.00 $165.00

Nova Harley - Elegant Orange Leather Nappy Bag

Stunning Leather Baby Bag  This Nova Harley stunning orange leather funky baby bag is all about glamour, class …

$399.00 $250.00

Nova Harley - Wedge Nappy Bag (Last ones Left)

This is our last one left of this stunning and unique Nova Harley Wedge Bag.   Features: Adjustable Stroller …

$265.00 $200.00

Nova Harley - Divine Baby Bag (Last one Left)

This Nova Harley Divine Baby/Nappy Bag truely is divine.  The yellow colour is absolutely stunning. Pictu…

$265.00 $200.00

Nova Harley - Elegant Alligator Blue Nappy Bag

This Nova Harley stunning blue baby bag is all about glamour, class and functionality. It's all abou…

$219.00 $180.00