Monchhichi - Purple Fairy Girl

Monchhichi - Purple Fairy Girl

Monchhichi - Purple Fairy Girl


Product Information

Adorable Monchhichi 

How my daughters eyes lit up when she saw these sitting on the top shelf.  They have the same magical qualities now that they use to when I was a child.  A gorgeous and treasured gift sparking memoies for Parents and Kids.

About Monchhichi

The Monchhichi are big-hearted little creatures that have built their houses in harmony with the majestic Dream Tree. Every day, they have lots of fun, work hard and always look after the Tree and each other. The Dream Tree grows magical Glowing Fruits, harvested every day by the Monchhichi.
The community works together to turn the Glowing Fruits into the Dream Elixir for every child.
The Monchhichi must always be careful to protect the Glowing Fruits from a little wizard named Aikor, who is constantly plotting to steal the fruits so he can reign supreme over the Monchhichi!

Baby Monchhichi

At Not Another Baby Shop you can also find Baby Monchhichi. 

Monchhichi Size

Purple Fair Girl Monchhici is 20cm. A perfect size for a little one to carry around

Reccomended Age: 2 years plus

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