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Ice Block Holders - Popsicle - Various Designs

Ice Block Holders - Popsicle - Various Designs
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Product Information

Iceblock holders - Just the thing for a refreshing cold ice block to keep hands from getting chilly.

On a hot summers day there is nothing as good as an icy cold iceblock.... but when you are hot cold is even colder and those ice blocks are just to much to hold.

Remember having to get a paper towel and even then it kept sliding down and didn't always do the job.

These iceblock holders and the fun answer to paper towel around an iceblock. 

They are thick wetsuit type material so keep little hands and big hands from getting cold and they come in a range of awersome designs.

They make a great stocking stuffer or class mate gift.

The light saber one is awesome for grown up Star Wars fans too.


Comes in a variety of designs including mermaid, unicorn, dinosaur in space, frozen inspired icicles , and the ever popular light saber

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