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Grace & Favour - Baltic Bubba - Bunny/Hare

Grace & Favour - Baltic Bubba - Bunny/Hare

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Product Information

This is a lovely sweet bunny rabbit with lovely pink legs (much more pinky pink than the picture shows). The mini Baltic Bubba goes beyond a traditional children's teddy/doll due to the Baltic Amber contents which when held close to the baby or in close proximity to a child the amber helps create a stress free environment and helps to ward off negative ions and promotes good health. The bubba is made of cotton with organic buckwheat hulls in its arms, legs and head. The tummy contains a mass of amount of certified Baltic Amber as is about 30cm tall.

Remove my tummy pouch & place in the microwave for 2 minutes - makes me cosy and warm to snuggle.  Or put my amber pouch in the freezer to help relieve high temps & reduce swelling.

These teddies have been designed & manufactured by one of the leading companies in the Baltic Amber Industry -Medical Amber.

Grace & Favour produces only Premium Quality Certified Baltic Amber products.  All their products are handmade from 100% authentic Baltic Amber. Grace & Favour go to great lenghts to ensure their Baltic Amber is authentic, natural and genuine.  Grace & Favour offer one of the largest collections of Baltic Amber in Australia.  All Grace & Favour products come with a hassle free 6 month warranty.

Would make a very special Easer gift


Note: Image placement of the circles on bunny's chest varies.

Product CodeGRAMUPVE11
ManufacturerGrace & Favour
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