Grace & Favour Baby Bracelet/Anklet - Green Amber

Grace & Favour Baby Bracelet/Anklet - Green Amber

Grace & Favour Baby Bracelet/Anklet - Green Amber

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Product Information

This lovely green amber babynecklace has gorgeous tones that are not often seen It is a dark colour with white flecks in some of the stones.  It is particullarly gorgeous on boys.

Please note this anklet comes in plain packaging.

Grace & Favour produces only Premium Quality Baltic Amber products. All their products are handmade from 100% authentic Baltic Amber and lovingly hand strung using individual knotting for the highest safety. Grace & Favour go to great lengths to ensure their Baltic amber is authentic, natural and genuine. Grace & Favour offer one of the largest collections of Baltic Amber in Australia. 

The Anklet - 14cm

Baby's shouldn't wear a necklace while sleeping,  it has been suggested that you use the amber necklace as an anklet while bub is asleep so that they continue to have the amber close to their skin. Rather than swapping the necklace around all the time why not have bub wear an anklet all the time.  This can be worn in addition to the necklace or by itself.      The anklet is fantastic for very young babies.

Can also be worn as a bracelet when supervised.

Not to be chewed.  To be worn under adult supervision.


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Holly's thoughts: When I found these anklets I knew they were the answer for us - when taking the necklace off my bub I would often forget to put it back on. So we put it on as an anklet but because it was so long it kept falling off.  I was so please that someone was finally making an anklet that I could leave on bub.

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ManufacturerGrace & Favour
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