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Product Code FRIN9RPU61
Manufacturer Bocchetta Plush Toys
Condition New

How incredible is the Australian Baby Gift - Squirrel Glider?

Aptly call Frisbee this Squirrel Glider is very soft and realistic.  Squirrel gliders are small possums with thin membrames of skin stretched between their arms and legs that help them glide from tree to tree.  They have been known to glide up to 100m.  Squirrel gliders are bigger than than sugar gliders. 

Frisbee has a loop on the back of her head in case you want to hang her up.

She is 18cm from her head to the back of her body and 36cm with her tail.  Her wing span is 23cm.

This really is a unique Australian Baby Gift. 

Machine Washable.


Suitable 3 +