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Product Code DUUU750N91
Manufacturer Duukies-Beachsocks
Condition New

Duukies Beachsocks are the ideal replacement for the old-fashioned water shoes. They offer perfect protection against hot sand, sun burning, sharp shells and stones and are slip resistant. Like swim wear they dry fast and can be used for swimming! Bye, Bye old fashioned watershoes & Hello comfortable Duukies Beachsocks! Have Fun in the Sun with Duukies Beachsocks!

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EU 20-21 - AU 4 (Toddler)  11.25cm
EU 22-23 - AU 5-6   13cm
EU 24-25 - AU 7-8  14cm
EU 26-27 - AU 9-10  14.5cm
EU 28-29 - AU 11-12  15cm
EU 30-31 - AU 13-1  16cm
EU 32-33 - AU 2-3
(Little - Big Kid)  17cm