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Firefly Safety Reflectors

Firefly Safety Reflectors

Firefly soft reflectors for kids attach to jackets and backpacks.

A reflector is an essential safety product for anyone who is spending time outside in low visibility conditions. A reflector will make you visible to motorists from up to 400 feet (125 meters) away, compared to only 100 feet (30 meters) away without a reflector. That distance could be the difference between life and death.

Reflectors are standard issue safety gear in the Nordic countries where night can sometimes last 20 hours. New York based Swedes Carin and Katarina searched shop after shop, but nowhere in New York City could they find the soft reflectors that adorn practically every stroller and backpack back in Northern Europe. So they decided to create their own brand of reflectors to protect their children on the streets and sidewalks of Manhattan – Firefly was born.

With backgrounds in fashion and illustration, Carin and Katarina soon grew the brand to include stylish reflectors worthy of dangling from the chic purses of their trend-conscious friends, proving that a safety item like a reflector does not have to be boring. It can be fashionable and fun. With that spirit in mind, the Firefly brand has grown to include a fun line of reflectors for pets, as well as a new collection of creative reflective items for sport.

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