Dinosnores - Sleepy Stories- Guided Relaxation- Dragon (Toddler & Kids CD)

Dinosnores - Sleepy Stories- Guided Relaxation- Dragon (Toddler & Kids CD)

Dinosnores - Sleepy Stories- Guided Relaxation- Dragon (Toddler & Kids CD)
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Product Information

Making bedtime easy, naturally...

These stories are getting rave reviews, they send my little none sleeper off to sleep within ten minutes.

Dinosnores are fun stories that use simple, calming relaxation and visualisation techniques to help children calm down.      The calming spoken rhythms, and relaxing natural sounds, take children on an imaginative journey full of sleepy little creatures (and a few snoozy big ones too).      

Award winning - The Mermaid sleep story has been awarded 2011 CD of the Year by Creative Child Magazine, and our Tyrannosaurus and Dragon sleep stories have each been awarded a Seal of Excellence!      

Imaginative narratives - Children love our stories - and there's no better way to engage busy little people, to help them focus on slowing down.  

Sleep CD for schoolkids (preschool too!)   

About Dinosnores Dragon

A yawny dragon snuggles up on its bed of treasure, as the mountain wind swirls around outside. Listen for the sound of a dragon flapping its giant wings!

Well little Dragon, you've had a very busy day. Rampaging about the mountains and valleys, crunching and munching and scrunching,   with your great big teeth   and great big claws,   flapping your giant wings   and swishing your long tail,   shaking the rocks and trees   with your tremendous roar.       What fun!      But now little dragon,  at the end of the day,  when it's time for sleep,  it's time to calm down,  to slow down and rest,   to make sure you're ready   for another big day   of crunching and munching   and scrunching tomorrow.


      1 You've had a very busy day       2 Closing your eyes       3 Snuggled up with all your favourite things     4 Breathing in slowly, then out slowly     5 Your whole body feeling very relaxed     6 Warm and dry     7 Quiet and still     8 Imagine the warm morning air, rushing over your great, powerful wings     9 Gliding over the land far below     10 Watching fog drifting through the mountain valleys     11 Wispy cirrus stretched out across the sky high above     12 And puffs of cumulous gathered about the base of the mountains     13 Flying higher and higher, up into the sky.


How Dinosnores sleepy stories work

Dinosnores guided relaxation soundscapes help kids to slow down, ready for sleep as well as masking background noise    

Designed by childcare and child language experts, Dinosnores stories and soundscapes use relaxation and visualisation techniques to take kids on an imaginative journey, with calming vocal rhythms and soothing natural sounds.      

Dinosnore stories are best for children who are developing their language skills - that's usually children aged between 3 and 9. More stories are currently being produced more stories designed for younger children - aged 12 months and over. Check back soon!      

Each soundscape runs for 60 minutes. The first half is a story - using guided relaxation and visualisation - with the background soundscape continuing for the full hour, to make sure kids stay asleep after settling.    





Stories engage the listener - evoking an imaginary world.      

Natural backgrounds and effects - stimulate the imagination, and mask household background noise.      

Strategies to encourage listening and language development - simple, specific instructions, using explanations and repetition.

 Cool stuff to learn about nature - parents might pick up a few facts too!    






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