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Corroboree Frog Soft Toy

Corroboree Frog Soft Toy

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Awesome Frog Stuffed Toy

Corroboree Frogs are an iconic Australian Frog with its strong visual black and yellow colouring.  They are found mostly in Southern New South Wales and the ACT and is Australia's most endangered frog.

As far as frogs go this plush frog is bigger than your average frog.... much bigger, but that's okay he is much easier to find than the normal little corroboree frog... and he's a lot quieter.  Unfortunately he wont he the flies and insects around your house but he will keep your little buddy company.  


Super adorable toy.

  • Approx. 22cm
  • Recommended for ages 3 & up
Product CodeCORIFJDQ52
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