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Boogees an environmentally friendly Aussie themed gift 

Boogees are environmentally friendly soft toys designed in Australia with an Aussie theme. They are totally recyclable and biodegradable.  The stuffing is unprocessd bamboo fibre, The skin is a minimum processed cotton stitched together with cotton thread. The swing tags are made from recycled paper which is also recycable.  If you were so inclined when you no longer played  with your Boogees your could recycle it to another child or chop off the recycable bits and pop the rest into the worm farm or compost. Thinking even more about the enviorment, Bogees transportation from the factory to the warehouse then to retail stores Carbon emissions is offset by planinting native trees in Australia. 

  • Boogees Mr Crocodile

    Boogees Mr Crocodile

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  • Kanga Kangaroo Soft Toy - Boogees

    Kanga Kangaroo Soft Toy - Boogees

    Kanga Kangaroo likes to hop right into your heart. Boogees Toy Kanga Kangaroo is an envionmentall friendly toy made from biodegradeable and recyclable products. Kanga would look…


  • Boogees Blubber Whale - Soft Toy

    Boogees Blubber Whale - Soft Toy

    Blubber Whale is waiting for a big hug. Boogees Toy Blubber Whale is an envionmentall friendly toy made from biodegradable and recycable products. 13cm height x 23cm wide x…


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