Easter Gifts and Easter Egg Hunt Part 2


Easter Treasure Hunt Part 2

For the purposes of making your Easter Saturday night easier if you are up doing clues like I am I am sharing my hunt clues from the last two years.

Our very first easter hunt was a follow the string hunt. That is the easter bunny tied string all around the house and they had to follow it to find their easter basket.  It was talked about so much that for the last two years our treasure hunt has also included a new element of follow the string.  This year we will do the same…. we just have to be careful that the dogs clumsy walking doesn’t destroy it all.

All our hiding spots have to be very good as our dog is a bit of a guts and would eat it all before morning.

I hope you find some use for the clues which I have recycled from other peoples hunts and random thinking of mine own (the really bad ones are probably mine – ha ha)


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Easter Hunt – A Family Tradition


Easter Hunt – A family tradition

I love Easter. My girls love Easter.  It has become of a bit of a family tradition to have an Easter Hunt. Unfortunately that means me scrambling like crazy on Easter Saturday night trying to write up clues.

I use a mix of chocolate and small easter gifts for the hunt but you could use whatever suits your family from boiled eggs, to extravagant gifts to just the thrill of the hunt.

Each year I search the internet looking for new clues. I have included my Easter Hunt Clues from previous years here to help you out in case you are doing the same.

These clues could also be adapted for other types of  treasure hunt throughout the year

Don’t judge me on the clues, my girls are only little.


P.S. The poo clue relates to Nutella

The friends clue relates to the rabbit hutch

P.P.S. I have just added another lots of Easter Egg Hunt Clues from another year up to see them click here.

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Our Easter Egg Hunt Clues

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Unique Baby Gifts that Dad will Love


baby bifts that Dad will love Not Another Baby ShopForget the frilly pink dresses.  While these are the types of unique baby gifts that give mum happy tears, for dad it’s not such a wondrous moment. In a couple of years he’ll come to love his time in a tutu, but for now the thought of pink tulle sends shivers down his spine.

Mum gets plenty of gifts (deservedly so), but just a few gifts aimed at dad would not go astray.  So how do you choose a baby gift to make dad really smile and not just that “ahh great” smile?

Buying a Baby Gift is Easy Enough

Buying a gift for baby can be easy enough – you’ll find something cute at your favourite store. Buying a gift that dad will love may take a little more time and thought but will always be remembered.

Some dads like practical gifts like a nappy bin or even a box of nappies. While it’s appreciated, it doesn’t really bring too much excitement…”woohoo a box of nappies!”

You are just about guaranteed to get a big smile from dad if you buy a themed baby gift. To pick your theme, think about what dad likes most – after all this bub is going to be a chip off the old block…well so he hopes anyway.

Is dad an outdoors man? Then buy something practical and useful, for when the child is older that the dad can teach them how to use, like a utility axe. Or a crossbow. Ok, maybe not, but perhaps a My First Swiss Army Knife would be the go.

Car dads, science dads, music dads, handy dads, sci-fi dads, gardening dads, worker dads… the perfect gift is out there somewhere.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Themed Baby Outfits that Dad will Love

No matter what dad’s favourite team, rockband, tv show or sport, you can find a themed baby onesie that will suit the occasion. There are all sorts of cool baby outfits out there that will be appreciated by dad.  For example, music themedbaby apparel like AC/DC t-shirts, onesies or bibs, car or bike wear like Ferrari jumpsuits, sports wear such as  Bronco jerseys or soccer socks and TV apparel like Doctor Who onsies.  You can even get a little outfit to match dad’s job – mechanics overalls, doctors scrubs, suits or police uniforms.

Baby Toys that Dad will Love

You can’t go wrong with a good themed toy. Most dads love toys so why not buy something related to dad’s favourite thing. Even if bub won’t be able to use it yet, dad certainly will.  There are baby tool kits, tin toys, wooden toys, soft sports balls, baby guitars and motorised bikes or cars (and yes there are plenty of pink ones). Dads love big tonka trucks too. Especially ones big enough to put bub in and zoom them around the lounge room.  Reading to a baby is one of lifes simple pleasures. So if for example dad likes Star Wars check out Darth Vader and Son.

Memorabilia as a Baby Gift

Sports lover dads are generally easy to buy for, and with a little extra thought you can make a truly memorable gift – think about major events or victories in the year of the birth and go from there.  Does dad like cricket? Who did Australia beat this year? Did dad attend any of the games? Can you get a bat signed by the players?  Who is dad’s favourite player? Can you get a baby book signed by one of the players?

Memorabilia is also great for a tv/movie/music buff or comic dad. Think about something that came out in the year dad was born or the year bub was born. Or pick something that relates to a story about dad that he will someday share with his little one  (but not about that night when he… yeah you know the story).  For something music related, you could also get something just for baby, for example a Rock Lullaby CD… which gives homage to dad’s favourite band but is just for bub.

Still stuck for ideas for a baby gift?

Did I mention toys? Most dads love toys, so buying a few toys of any sort for when bub is older is always good. A manly nappy bag is handy too. Yes, I wrote that. When coming up with your baby gift just always remember the number one rule: no lace, no frills.

Not Another Baby Shop - themed onsies and toys

Guest Contributor Joel from Not Another Baby Shop

Easter Gift, Chocolate Eggs or Both?


Do you give Easter Eggs or Easter Gifts at Easter?

Easter is coming up.  Do you give Easter Eggs, easter gifts or both.  i am a little bit obsessed with themed events so do a bit of both.  Last year the Easter bunny left metres and metres of string for the girls to follow and find their Easter presents over the house. Our big dog is a good sniffer so each bit of string ended in a cupboard or drawer – clever Easter bunny!

Easter gift obsessed!

Being obssessed with themed events my girls have more than one Easter gift.  They recieve an easter present, eggs and general an easter outfit too!   I just can’t help myself as the bunnies and chicken we get in store are so cute and such great gifts.  Its all about the fun though and smiling, laughing and happiness.

Easter to us is about family and friends, love and friendship and we wish you all this and more for this holiday season.

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Teething Products


Teething is the pits…. I know when I have got a tooth ache just how miserable I am and I honestly just can’t imaging what a bub must go through when their little teeth are going through….really regardless of how they handle it they are little troopers.

We have a growing range of products store that I think really help out in this sad little time. Baltic Amber teething necklaces, bracelets and toys (both of my daughters have worn these), chewable teething jewellery for mum (absolutely love these) gorgeous little dribble bibs for when the dribble gets to much and of course teethers.  Below is a little visual sample but make sure you check out our range.

Good luck I hope your little one is feeling better really soon.

Sample of our teething Products at Not Another Baby Shop

Sample of our teething products at Not Another Baby Shop




Art with Kids – let it go and let her be.


Being an avid Pinterest fan I found a great piece of art where someone had turned a hand print into a flower…I thought it would be brilliant on a canvas for my mums lounge room – I would do one hand print of one little Miss down the bottom and one of the other up the top. I had such high hopes


When will I learn? Art with a two month old is never going to be what you expect.  I need to learn just to let it go and let Miss T do what she wants to do…as then we would end up with something half decent.

Instead as this time it was for my Mum and I wanted it to be perfect I pushed on, trying to get what I wanted to achieve.  Alas I didn’t and in the end I think the work that she did on paper was much better than what we did on canvas. I did manage to salvage one hand print to turn into a card…but still it wasn’t what I had pictured.

The piece I salvaged for the card.

Getting Miss P (5 months) involved turned the situation even messier we had paint from all over the deck, all over our clothes and gum boots. Miss P even decided that facepainting (that is painting with her face) was much better than finger painting…oh boy

Then the dog got involved – seriously mate do you have to sit in the paint?

Post painting after we were all showered and the deck cleaned.I had a think to see if there was anything I could have done differently – one put a big bit of plastic down, lock the dog away, only paint with one girl at a time – but hey then it wouldn’t have been as much fun.

The lesson as always with Miss T is let it go…Ohhhh its so hard just to let it go…let go of my idea of what it should look like and let her be… its always much much more fun that way.

Free Hand From Miss T - I actually like this better than the canvas bet and just wish I had let her be. (Miss Ps face painting is in the top right.)



Is anything more infuriating?



Is anything more infuriating? Probably but I tell you what at that moment when I realise that yet another tissue has escaped into the dark wash nothing else seems worse.  It doesn’t seem to matter how many times I search the pockets I think the rules say that sneaky tissue will make it in the wash.