Easter Gift, Chocolate Eggs or Both?


Do you give Easter Eggs or Easter Gifts at Easter?

Easter is coming up.  Do you give Easter Eggs, easter gifts or both.  i am a little bit obsessed with themed events so do a bit of both.  Last year the Easter bunny left metres and metres of string for the girls to follow and find their Easter presents over the house. Our big dog is a good sniffer so each bit of string ended in a cupboard or drawer – clever Easter bunny!

Easter gift obsessed!

Being obssessed with themed events my girls have more than one Easter gift.  They recieve an easter present, eggs and general an easter outfit too!   I just can’t help myself as the bunnies and chicken we get in store are so cute and such great gifts.  Its all about the fun though and smiling, laughing and happiness.

Easter to us is about family and friends, love and friendship and we wish you all this and more for this holiday season.

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