Easter Hunt – A Family Tradition


Easter Hunt – A family tradition

I love Easter. My girls love Easter.  It has become of a bit of a family tradition to have an Easter Hunt. Unfortunately that means me scrambling like crazy on Easter Saturday night trying to write up clues.

I use a mix of chocolate and small easter gifts for the hunt but you could use whatever suits your family from boiled eggs, to extravagant gifts to just the thrill of the hunt.

Each year I search the internet looking for new clues. I have included my Easter Hunt Clues from previous years here to help you out in case you are doing the same.

These clues could also be adapted for other types of  treasure hunt throughout the year

Don’t judge me on the clues, my girls are only little.


P.S. The poo clue relates to Nutella

The friends clue relates to the rabbit hutch

P.P.S. I have just added another lots of Easter Egg Hunt Clues from another year up to see them click here.

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Our Easter Egg Hunt Clues

easter egg hunt cluesEaster Egg Hunt Clues part 2Easter Egg Hunt Clues Part 3 easter 7