Easter Gifts and Easter Egg Hunt Part 2


Easter Treasure Hunt Part 2

For the purposes of making your Easter Saturday night easier if you are up doing clues like I am I am sharing my hunt clues from the last two years.

Our very first easter hunt was a follow the string hunt. That is the easter bunny tied string all around the house and they had to follow it to find their easter basket.  It was talked about so much that for the last two years our treasure hunt has also included a new element of follow the string.  This year we will do the same…. we just have to be careful that the dogs clumsy walking doesn’t destroy it all.

All our hiding spots have to be very good as our dog is a bit of a guts and would eat it all before morning.

I hope you find some use for the clues which I have recycled from other peoples hunts and random thinking of mine own (the really bad ones are probably mine – ha ha)


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