Art with Kids – let it go and let her be.


Being an avid Pinterest fan I found a great piece of art where someone had turned a hand print into a flower…I thought it would be brilliant on a canvas for my mums lounge room – I would do one hand print of one little Miss down the bottom and one of the other up the top. I had such high hopes


When will I learn? Art with a two month old is never going to be what you expect.  I need to learn just to let it go and let Miss T do what she wants to do…as then we would end up with something half decent.

Instead as this time it was for my Mum and I wanted it to be perfect I pushed on, trying to get what I wanted to achieve.  Alas I didn’t and in the end I think the work that she did on paper was much better than what we did on canvas. I did manage to salvage one hand print to turn into a card…but still it wasn’t what I had pictured.

The piece I salvaged for the card.

Getting Miss P (5 months) involved turned the situation even messier we had paint from all over the deck, all over our clothes and gum boots. Miss P even decided that facepainting (that is painting with her face) was much better than finger painting…oh boy

Then the dog got involved – seriously mate do you have to sit in the paint?

Post painting after we were all showered and the deck cleaned.I had a think to see if there was anything I could have done differently – one put a big bit of plastic down, lock the dog away, only paint with one girl at a time – but hey then it wouldn’t have been as much fun.

The lesson as always with Miss T is let it go…Ohhhh its so hard just to let it go…let go of my idea of what it should look like and let her be… its always much much more fun that way.

Free Hand From Miss T - I actually like this better than the canvas bet and just wish I had let her be. (Miss Ps face painting is in the top right.)



Is anything more infuriating?



Is anything more infuriating? Probably but I tell you what at that moment when I realise that yet another tissue has escaped into the dark wash nothing else seems worse.  It doesn’t seem to matter how many times I search the pockets I think the rules say that sneaky tissue will make it in the wash.

Sandwich crusts



I was always taught that I had to eat everything on my plate and so to this day I do. I try with my kids not to do this as long as they try whats on their plate I am happy if they don’t eat it, but as a mum I still find myself cleaning up their plate.

Today for lunch Miss T ate her sandwich bar the crusts and then wanted mine so I handed it over and ate the crusts – luckyfor me it was beautifully fresh bread.  I am always amazed that my mum still hands over the best bit to me (except perhaps when Miss T is around) and now I find myself doing it too…