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Woddlers Soft Sole Shoe - 5 Leaf Spotty Flower Purple (Only 18-24 mths left)

Woddlers  Soft Sole Shoe - 5 Leaf Spotty Flower Purple (Only 18-24 mths left)

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18-24 months

Product Information

5 Leaf Spotty Flower Soft Soled Shoes (sizes up to 3 years)

by Woddlers

Great soft sole shoes for the little one with bigger feet or for keeping your bub in soft soled shoes for longer.  Soft sole shoes for bigger feet are hard to find and these are perfect.


Not every girl’s favourite colour is pink! And these were made especially for those purple lovers. These gorgeous lavender soft-soled leather shoes are designed with a 3D flower attached so your baby can feel the patterns as well as see them.


  • Eco-friendly premium leathers
  • Flexible, no slip sole designed to mimic bare foot walking
  • Washable for easy care
  • Packaged in a unique bright gift box





About Woodlers Shoes

Woddlers footwear is designed to encourage a child’s development allowing feet to function
properly without restrictions, while protecting their feet at the same time. They are more
than just colourful designs, they actually help babies walk. It is noted the best shoes
for a baby are shoes that mimic bare feet as they let feet move more freely without the
heaviness of other shoes.

Woddlers shoes are made exclusively from premium quality Eco-friendly and non-toxic
materials allowing feet to breathe while keeping the environment in mind. Research
indicates that going barefoot is best for baby’s development of foot muscles, ligament
bones and joints however, environmental factors like dirt, glass and rocks can make going
without shoes impossible- even inside the home. Thankfully Woddlers range of soft soled
leather shoes are the next best solution to being barefoot.
Our shoes are instantly recognisable,colourful and fun. The natural soft leather
upper has a durable non skid suede sole and is ideal for bouncing, crawling and early
walking, even on tiled or wooden !oors. The soft leathers allow feet to breathe, move
and grow naturally.
They require very little care and will take on that “used leather” look as they mould to
your babies foot - this is natural and shows that they are being well used. If Woddlers do
become dirty simply clean with a damp cloth or gentle machine wash.





Woddlers- for lovers of originality, high quality and fun
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