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Winter Sleeveless Sleeping Bag 2.5 tog Girls Multistripe

Winter Sleeveless Sleeping Bag 2.5 tog Girls Multistripe
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Product Information

We love these sleeping bags.  There are many sleeping bags/gro bags around for babies but not many for toddlers.  Our little ones still kick off their sheets so we find sleeping bags to be the best option and are excited to have finally found great ones in larger sizes!  Sleeping bags are brilliant for travelling when you can't be sure what the bedding will be like.

Even better they come in their own little bag for storage or travel.

About UH-OH Sleeping Bag

The UH-OH Winter Weight Sleeveless Sleeping Bags are padded and have a tog rating of 2.5 tog. The sleeveless padded sleeping bag is best used in colder climates where the temperature falls below 20*C. Long sleeve grosuit or pyjama set are recommended to wear under the 2.5 tog bag.

Tog is the European warmth rating of bedding such as quilts and blankets. They are used in children’s sleeping bags to guide parents in purchasing the correct weight sleeping bag for each season.

The tog system reccomends that ideal temperature for your childrens bedroom is approximately 18*C. Always check that your baby is not too hot or cold.





Length of
Sleeping Bag
from Shoulder
to Bottom Edge


3 - 6 months

71 cm


6 - 9 months

76 cm


12 - 18 months

84 cm


18 months - 2 years

92 cm


2 - 3 years

100 cm


3 - 4 years

108 cm

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