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Product Code WATP5SJD71
Manufacturer Pure Poppet
Condition New

Non Toxic Kids Nail Polish

At our most recent party of kids under 5 this colour got the most work out, it reminded the  boys of ninja turtles, the hulk and icky stuff and the girls of fresh meadows and fun.  It is a bright happy shade.

This water based nail polish is so much fun and great for bonding time. Even dad can get in on the act.  No need to worry about little fingers going into mouths as it is made from a water based non toxic forumla.  No need to worry  about your little one insisting on painting their own nails and then covering their hands and feet as well - it comes off so easily.... infact after it rubs off their skin their nail polish will look better than you could do it...



  • Safe and free of harsh chemicals
  • Waterbased and non-toxic developped for little fingers and toes
  • Child friend alternative to solvent based polishes
  • Low odour and easy to remove
  • Free of ethyl acedtate, butyl acedtate, nitrocelluslose, acetone, and heavy metals
  • Not solvents, formaldehyde, Toluene, DMP, Phthalates or FD &C.
  • Comes in 5 great colours
  • Suitable for ages 4+

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pure poppett kid friendly water based non toxic nail polish