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Product Code SOFS16
Manufacturer Skeanie
Condition New
Weight 0.2Kg

Gorgeous SKEANIE Soft Sole Sandals - Navy
Also Available in Pink, White, Blue and Red



From the  Infant Range these gorgeous SKEANIE Shoes are hand made from buttery soft genuine leather. These shoes are made of 100% leather and feature a soft suede sole, as recommended by the experts. The elasticised collar keeps the shoes fitted snugly around the ankle and the textured suede sole provides superior grip when crawling or walking.

SKEANIE is a Preferred Provider of The Australian Podiatry Association (NSW). At birth, feet are mostly cartilage. It is during childhood that the bones in the feet form; during this time the feet are fragile and any undue pressure is not advised. Soft soles are a must for pre-walkers and early walkers.

All SKEANIE Shoes are designed in Australia and are Fair Trade Made.

Please check the Sizing Guide to ensure you purchase the correct size.

Holly's Thoughts:  These are my favourite shoes. Miss T wears them for all occasions even now that she has been walking a while I still pop her in her soft sole sandals for shopping trips or other indoor events.   Great for her feet, provide that little extra protection over bare feet and look ohhh so cute.  We have had them in every size and always a pair at home and a pair at Nanas.