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This product is currently out of stock

This product is currently out of stock

Product Code RAW5MMOZ38
Manufacturer Grace & Favour
Condition New

This stunning Raw Champagne Amber necklace has large beads much bigger than the standard amber necklace.  Raw Amber is amber in its natural state and it is lovely.  This is the type of necklace that I could wear myself ;-)

Grace & Favour produces only Premium Quality Baltic Amber products, they are handmade from 100% authentic Baltic Amber and lovingly hand strung using individual knotting for the highest safety. Grace & Favour go to great lengths to ensure their Baltic amber is authentic, natural and genuine. Grace & Favour offer one of the largest collections of Baltic Amber in Australia. All of their products come with a hassle free 6 month warranty.

Size: Approximately 33cm


For more information on What is Amber and What Amber is claimed to do click here.

Amber necklaces are made for wearing, not for chewing! Amber will crack and break under too much pressure.
Please use caution and supervise your child while using the necklace. Teething necklaces should be removed when baby is sleeping or unattended  -(I put mine under my girls pant leg, around there ankle at night)

Note: Necklace should not be worn while baby is sleeping.  Supervision should be provided to baby when wearing necklace.  Not recommended for babies under 3 months of age.    Not to be chewed, keep tucked under clothing.