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Pram/Stroller Hooks (Set of 2) - Best Ever!!!

Pram/Stroller Hooks (Set of 2) - Best Ever!!!
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Product Information

Best Pram Hooks Ever

We have tried many pram hooks at Not Another Baby Shop and these are the best ones.  We think they are fantastic.

The Babychic Pram / Stroller Hook enable mums to keep their hands free when out-and-about with bub! No more trying to squeeze all your shopping bags into your prams basket or trying to get to your nappy bag in a hurry. Simply velcro each pram hook onto the prams handle bars, hang your shopping bags or nappy bag and away you go.

Benefits of using Babychic Pram Hooks /Stroller Hooks

• Each baby hook holds 2.5kgs and has been tested to hold up to 20kg so they are super strong and wont break
• Easy Velcro strap which keeps the hook in place on the pram handle bar
• Hooks swivel 360 degrees for easy loading and unloading
• Large mommy hook can carry shopping bags, nappy bags or hand bags
• Set of 2 hooks so all heavy loads can be balanced across the prams handle bar
• Made from strong premium BPA free plastic
• Open hooks, so mum can easily load and unload one handed, without the risk of any pinches, unlike carabineer hooks
• Comes beautifully packaged in a chic little box, making the perfect gift

How to use Babychic Baby Hooks

1. Open up the box and thread the Velcro straps through the two top sections of the hook

2. spread each stroller hook evenly across the pram handle bar

3. wrap around the handle bar, wrap the velcro back on its self to secure it closed.

4. use each stroller hook individually for smaller / lighter loads or balance the weight of heavier loads across the two pram hooks

Babychic Mommy Hooks can be used on other items such as wheelchairs, shopping trolleys and suitcases

WARNING never over fill hooks, if using on a pram, trolley or wheelchair ensure the pram or wheelchair are still balanced and will not tip over. Always ensue that any items are removed from the hooks before removing your child from the pram or, wheelchair or trolley.





Product CodeSTRDD7H413
ManufacturerBabychic Designs
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