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This product is currently out of stock

Product Code POP4CQNQ39
Manufacturer Poppy Drops
Condition New

Clip on earrings alternative that doesn't hurt

My little girl desperately wants her ears pierced but clips on hurt or fall off and sticks on just don't cut it.  I was wrapped when we found Poppy Drops it was just what we needed.  The Let's Party Collection features six colorful heart earrings, 6 colorful sparkler earrings, 6 colorful starburst earrings, and six firecracker earrings.

Easy application instructions are on the back of each earring collection bag.

All of Poppy Drop earrings are made with food-grade vegetable dyes and are safe for use by children.  Earrings last up to a week, waterproof and can be removed with baby oil or rubbing alcohol. For extended wear, avoid contact with oil or chemical based lotions or household products.

Find out more about this awesome brand Poppy Drops here.  Why they are so good, what they are made of and how to apply them and all of the poppy drop collections.