Love To Dream InVenta Sleeping Bag 1.0 tog Taupe 4-12 months


  • Product Code: LOVUS9DM96

InVenta Sleep Bag


This great Australian Designed sleeping bag/grobag is a perfect first sleeping bag after the Love To Dream Love to Swaddle Up or for a baby that never liked to be swaddled. It's Genius Cooling System™ helps moderate temperature so your baby sleeps comfortably and stays covered all night long.

This Taupe inVenta sleep bag has a gorgeous little owl on the front is a 1.0 tog - medium weight . It has a bamboo lining is smooth silky and highly breathable.  It goes from 4-12 months wiht the great longa shorta feature that allows the sleeping bag to get bigger as your bub does.


Designed by Flashmount