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Product Code BABJ22
Manufacturer Keptin-Jr
Condition New
Weight 0.2Kg

Rattle Cozy Pure
  By Keptin-Jr


Cozy have no pre-shaped facial expression. Whether a baby smiles, sings or cries, Cozy are always their best friend.
It has the suttlest rattle has cotton ball hands and feet for chewing on to bring more comfort.
All toys in Keptin Jr’s Cozy collection are made from organic cotton which gives them a soft feel. They are filled with sheep’s wool, which easily absorbs the baby’s scent and body-temperature.
The “Natur” Collection of Keptin-Jr toys is made of 100% organic cotton, cultivated without the use of chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilisers, and pure wool. The organically grown cotton has retained the original colour of the cotton plant. Two types of cotton grow in natural cream and taupe colours, so no dyes are needed in the finished product.
15 cm
Age 0+