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Product Code GLOSQ77D49
Manufacturer Glottogon
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The Glottogon "Our" books are designed for the youngest of children - babies learing to touch, feel, and enjoy these as their first real books.  Made with foam edged, board card they encourage little ones to explore and feel the pages, touch the spongy corners and amuse themselves with bright pictures that reflect objects, items and fellings they are familiar with.

The delighful images by illustrator Doriana Berkovic are specifically designed to engage and entertain growing minds. Each page is accompanied by a simple word that babies will love hearing as much as early talkers will love repeating - perfect for assisting speech development through play.  The books are extremely lightweight making them easy to carry and perfect for the moment when you need to keep you little one amused - in the stroller, at the supermarket or the car.

This book is also avaiable in Italian and Greek (please email us to order)


Each book has 12 coloured pages.  Each little book is 10cm high, 10cm wide and 2.5cm thick.  They are made with gloss coated card, bound with foam - the pages are sturdy and durabel. Rounded cornes with no sharp edges makes the ideal and sage for small hands.  They are fully safety tested and compliant for all Australian, US & European standards and contain no BPA.They are easy to clean and can be sponged down with a damp cloth.

The series

The are 3 books in the "Our" Board Book Range Our Food, Our Clothes and Our Weather and are also avaiable in Italian or Greek (please contact us for Italian and Greek Versions)

Glottogon also has a series of books for toddlers "My" - My Manners, My body and My Week and a Flash Card Series.


Glottogon educational books & learning cards recieve rave reviews from all the parents and toddlers that we know that have read them. Glottogon design truly entertaining products that inspire learning through fun & interactive play. The range features vibrant illustrations, made from durable, safe materials and although beautifully presented they are priced for everyday not reserved for special occasions. These products are designed with the sole purpose of making learning fun!