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This product is currently out of stock

Product Code FRIY0D8B94
Manufacturer Fridge-To-Go
Condition New

fridge-to-goThese are the absolute best lunch boxes /lunch bags /cooler bags . They keep your lunch, drinks and baby bottles cool up for to 8 hours. Even when your travelling everything is going to stay cold.

Fridge-To-Go® is a range of cooler bags that keeps its contents cold for up to 8 hours unlike any other product on the market. Like a fridge these bags can even help you cool items. Completely portable, the bags require no messy ice bricks, batteries or external power source.

Fridge-to-go® bags are durable, collapsible, easily stored, re-usable and environmentally friendly - with bio-degradable panels and containing non-toxic purified salt water.  They are BPA-free, lead and PVC-safe.

So easy to use - the bag can be folded and put in the freezer or, as all of the cooling panels are removable you can just place the panels in the freezer. The panels are inserted into a special Tempguard fabric which lines all Fridge-to-go models. This Tempguard  fabric not only helps maintain the chill longer than ordinary insulated bags but also helps to reduce the sweating and wetness. They have an easy-tote handle and velcro sealed storage pocket
Cleaning Wipe clean with soap & water

Size: 20W x 8D x 23H (cm) - internal measurement

Colours: Red, Black, Pink, Blue




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