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Ed the Emu

Ed the Emu

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Ed the Emu is fluffy and cute Australian gift. 

I  was always afraid of emus, ever since they knicked my chips at the zoo when I was a toddler.... Recently I thought that  perhaps this was a silly childish fear. That is until I left my daughter in the pram to take my toddler to meet a kangaroo.... and then i heard the screams as the emu leaned in under the hood to take the biscuits off her seat... yes yes I know he wasnt going to hurt her but  oh my goodness I at least I now know I can run.  Needless to say Ed here is not scary at all - I can cope with this type of emu. I would even say he is adorable.

25 H (head to body)/ 38 H (head to feet) 


Reccommended Age: 3 +

Product CodeED QVCSF9
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