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This product is currently out of stock

Product Code DIN30NED71
Manufacturer Dinosnores
Condition New

Making bedtime easy, naturally...


Dinosnores are fun stories that use simple, calming relaxation and visualisation techniques to help children calm down.      The calming spoken rhythms, and relaxing natural sounds, take children on an imaginative journey full of sleepy little creatures (and a few snoozy big ones too).      

Award winning - The Mermaid sleep story has been awarded 2011 CD of the Year by Creative Child Magazine, and our Tyrannosaurus and Dragon sleep stories have each been awarded a Seal of Excellence!      

Imaginative narratives - Children love our stories - and there's no better way to engage busy little people, to help them focus on slowing down.    

About Dinosnores Pterosaur

Dinosnores Pterosaur is aimed at school aged chidlren.  It is about  A sleepy pterosaur who glides through the twilight sky high above the ocean back to its cliff-top home.

It has 30 minutes relaxation story within a 60 minute ocean flying soundscape.