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This product is currently out of stock

Product Code BABUHMUN18
Manufacturer Mockingbird Street
Condition New

Mockingbird Street's sweet Australian Gift, GOTS certified 100% organic baby sleeping bags are beautifully soft and snuggly.

Rated 1.0 TOG, they're perfect for a moderate climate/temperature - approx 20ºc to 23ºc room temperature (from cooler summer nights to warmer winter ones).

Fastens with a two-way zipper for easy nappy changes, with a soft jersey zip cover to protect baby's skin and two popper covers - one at the top and one at the bottom - to keep curious little fingers away from zipper openings.

Machine washable

What ages are Mockingbird Street Sleep Bags designed for?

Our Sleep Bags come in two sizes: 000 – 00, for babies 0 to 6 months and 0 – 1 for babies 6 to 18 months, however you should check our size guide below as these bags are nice and long and may fit your little one for longer than that.


What size do I need?

When you chose a size you need to make sure to get the correct one to prevent your child slipping into it and their head becoming covered if it’s too large, or too small and it might restrict your baby’s movements and be uncomfortable, leading to a restless baby and less sleep for you!

** Size || Height || Weight || Age **
– Size 000-00 || 85cm || 4kg/8.5lbs || 0-6 months
– Size 0-1 || 95cm || 8kg/17.5lbs || 6-18 months

Sleep Bag Dimensions Size 000-00

 **Shoulder Width || Chest Width || Length of bag**

25cm || 32cm || 85cm

 Sleep Bag Dimensions Size 0-1

**Shoulder Width || Chest Width || Length of bag**

 28cm || 37cm || 95cm


What does TOG mean?

Tog refers to the weight or thickness of a Sleep Bag. The higher the TOG value, the thicker and warmer the bag. The general rule is to use thinner ones in Summer and thicker ones in winter. Our bags are 1.0 TOG, which means they’re suitable for moderate temperatures and provided your baby’s room is a stable 20ºc – 23ºc they could be used year round. 


What should my child wear inside a Sleep Bag?

As Mockingbird Street sleep bags are suitable for cooler summer nights and warmer winter nights and everything in between, we would advise that you dress your baby in a short sleeved onsie or pyjamas for warmer nights, and add a long sleeve onesie or pyjama top for cooler ones. If baby is still chilly try adding an extra layer of clothes or some socks.

Keep in mind that it’s better to be cool than hot for sleeping and quite normal for your little one’s hand and arms to feel cool – just like us adults! The best place to check your baby’s body temperature is the back of the neck. If it’s hot or damp then your baby might be too warm. If it’s cold then your child might be too cool. We recommend using a room thermometer to determine room temperature and ensure baby is kept in a comfortable and consistent temperature.


Could my child become too hot?

As long as the room is at a moderate temperature and the right TOG Sleep Bag and clothing are used there’s no danger of overheating. We would advise all our  customers not to put baby to sleep in clothes with a hood and not to use extra bedding or blankets on baby – just a fitted cot sheet is enough if you’re using a Sleep Bag.